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Mortar is the bond used in masonry for covering a wall. Manufacturing of mortar is getting more popular in these days. Mortars are used for crafting different types of bricks. Patching masses and ramming felting are the two basic mortars used for laying mag bricks, magnesite bricks, chromite bricks and chrome mag bricks. Mortars are also used as neutral layers between basic bricks and silica layers.High alumina mortars are employed for general mortar purpose, low iron content mortar and sillimanite mortar applications.

High alumina bricks reheat furnace hearth and remain resistant to slag and alkali attack. These bricks are suitable for cement industries. High alumina bricks best suits with the needs of cement rotary kiln and electric arc furnaces. These bricks are highly resistance to corrosion abrasion and are suitable for special purposes. High Alumina Mortars are used to lay different extremes of heat duty bricks. They lay sillimanite bricks and other alumina bricks. Mortar manufacturer create different types of bricks and mortars for different purposes.

Arora Refractories is the well renowned and famed mortar manufacturer possessing successful history in mortar manufacturing. They make great quality mortars and bricks such as High Alumina Mortars, Mortar Manufacturer, High Alumina Bricks, Acid Proof Bricks and Acid Proof Mortars for special purposes. Arora Refractories create bricks and mortars using high quality materials and offer the same at affordable and unbeatable price rates. Excellent team of Arora Refractories crafts superior quality mortars and bricks featuring outstanding character, good working condition and reasonable rates. Get incredible mortars and bricks from the team of Arora Refractories.



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